Harley-Davidson 1926 Model S Racer

Harley-Davidson 350CC Racing class was created soon after Harley unveiled its “Peashooter” racer in the summer of 1925. The bike was based on its new 21cu. in. ohv single-cylinder economy road bike. To make it competitive for dirt-track racing the bike had a shortened frame and simple telescopic forks that were triangulated for greater strength. All nonessential components were ditched from the standard road model, including the springer forks, saddle spring, brakes, and gearbox. The bikes ran in a single gear and the clutch was only used for starting. Races on oval dirt tracks were run counter clockwise and the left foot was used to stabilize the bike in turns. The legendary Joe Petrali was among several riders who achieved success on Peashooters as Harleys swept the board in the new class. Petrali was one  of the best riders in the history of American bike racing, and in 1935 he won all 13 rounds of the US dirt-track championships on a stock Peashooter. Harley produced its Peashooter racing bikes in limited numbers for a few years and, as well as success at home, they were also raced successfully in Britain and Australia. However, the appearance of the British JAP-powered machines in the 1930s effectively made all competitors redundant and the Peashooter disappeared from the racing circuit.
Harley-Davidson 1926 Model S Racer
Harley-Davidson 1926 Model S Racer

Harley-Davidson 1926 Model S Racer
• ENGINE Overhead-valve, single cylinder
• CAPACITY 21cu. in. (346cc)
• TRANSMISSION Single-speed, chain drive
• FRAME Tubular loop
• SUSPENSION Telescopic front forks
• WEIGHT 240lb (109kg)
• TOP SPEED 70mph (113km/h) (est.)