Old Harley davidson - history begins part 1

History of the Great Harley Davidson Motorcycles

old harley davidson

The origin of the motorcycle came from the existence of Harley Davidson. Who does not know Harley Davison (?) History of Harley Davidson originally from a simple idea, namely the intention of William Harley and Arthur Davidson to create a motor that can gobble up the hill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The most important breakthrough is the machine configured V, which is then also known as the Knucklehead, Panhead, Shovelhead, Evolution, Twin Cam up. This machine is a benchmark for other companies, especially from Japan, in making a big motor. Start with a 60 cc engine, Harley and Davidson started this long journey in 1903, when they were still at the early age of 20. The results of this first of two young men is a single cylinder engine with a capacity of 60 cc. their products can be managed to devour the road and climbs with ease. Later, because of this success, two of the brothers Arthur, Walter and William Davidson, joined. Two years later, they agreed to institutionalize their business into the Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Co. When established, the company produces three units of the new motor. The third motor is generated from the'' factory'' in the Davidson family's home page. The so-called factory was a small shed behind the Davidson family home.

harley davidson 1909old harley davidsonold harley davidson

In 1906, the company moved to Juneau Avenue to occupy a larger space. Because they can work more freely, the year that Harley-Davidson motorcycles can produce 150 units. Most motorcycle they bought the local police. The reason, Harley-Davidson can be driven at high speed and reserve the agile movement. Six years after being founded, Harley-Davidson introduced a two-cylinder V configuration with a 45 degree angle. Engine capacity is 49.5 cubic inches (about 790 cc) and is able to produce about seven horsepower. With the machine, the speed of 60 miles per hour can be achieved. At that time, Harley-Davidson did not think it would be a model of the machine one of the characteristics of their products. That same year, Harley-Davidson managed to crack the 1,000-unit production, exactly 1149 units. Competition from other factories began to be felt, two years later. Apparently, the success of Harley-Davidson became the inspiration for other manufacturers to start a business. In 1911, at least there were up around 150 brands of motorcycles. They would be a competitor of Harley-Davidson, though not really heavy. The proof, Harley-Davidson is not difficult to increase production.

old harley davidson

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