Harley Davidson 1941 WLD Sport Solo

Harley Davidson had originally followed Indian when the latter had produced its first 45 cu. in. side-valve machine in 1927. Initially, the Indian 45s were the most highly regarded, but by the time Harley introduced its W-series in 1937, it was the Milwaukee-built bikes that enjoyed the better specification and reputation. Replacing the R-series—with which they had much in common—the three models in the original lineup were the basic W, this high-compression WLD, and the competition model WLDR. The main difference over the Rs was in the new styling, which mimicked the classy 61 Knucklehead that had been introduced the previous year. By the time this bike was built Harley was offering a range of factory-fitted accessory packages. Extras on this WLD include chrome spotlights, chrome trim on the mudguards, and a front fender light..
Harley Davidson 1941 WLD Sport Solo
Harley Davidson 1941 WLD Sport Solo

Harley Davidson 1941 WLD Sport Solo SPECIFICATIONS

• ENGINE Side-valve, V-twin
• CAPACITY 45cu. in. (738cc)
• POWER OUTPUT 25bhp (est.)
• TRANSMISSION Three-speed, chain drive
• FRAME Tubular cradle
• SUSPENSION Leading-link front forks, rigid rear
• WEIGHT 692lb (314kg)
• TOP SPEED 96mph (155km/h)

The 1941 model shown here is rare because by this date most of Harley’s production was devoted to military machines. The 45s were basic, robust machines that made them ideal for converting to military bikes. Just like their big brother, the 45s now had teardrop tanks with an  integrated instrument panel and curved mudguards, creating a quality range that further established Harley as the market leader.