Harley Davidson 1905 Model No.1

Only 16 of the 1905 Harley-Davidson models were built. It was not much more to the first Harleys than these two main components, motor and bicycle. Although William Harley Davidson brothers used a bigger engine than most of their current producers, the pedal force is an essential complement to the internal combustion engine on hills meant that the bicycle layout should be maintained.
Harley Davidson 1905 Model No.1
Harley Davidson 1905 Model No.1
Harley Model No.1 was screwed essentially an engine to a bicycle frame, with Pedal power still required when climbing a steep hill Harley bending of the down tube below the crankcase, so that the engine bearing is mounted in the frame. To superior handling 1905 Model No.1 was built almost identical with the bicycles in 1903 and '04 and 1909 Harley-Davidson only a model that has improved every year produced. The model number stands for the year of production minus four. The battery ignition, raw carburetor, belt drive, and other unrefined elements ensures that the start of the engine was not really a viable mode of transport, but at least the model number one was a cut above the average.
Harley Davidson 1905 Model No.1
Harley Davidson 1905 Model No.1

Harley-Davidson 1905 Model No.1
• ENGINE Inlet-over-exhaust single
• CAPACITY 24.74cu. in. (405.41cc)
• TRANSMISSION Single-speed, belt drive
• FRAME Tubular loop
• WEIGHT 1851b (84kg)
• TOP SPEED 40mph (64km/h) (est.)